Must Haves for Your Funeral Home and Morgue

Must Haves for Your Funeral Home and Morgue

While your main focus may be to provide support to families, you will also need to ensure that your funeral home has all the necessary equipment needed to take care the deceased and keep your business running smoothly. Here is a list of some of the equipment that you will need.


  • Mortuary stretchers and trolleys. You may not realize it, but a body is moved multiple times from place to place after they are brought into a funeral home. In order to move the body quickly and efficiently, you will need a mortuary stretcher. You should look for a mortuary stretcher that is multi-level and able to be operated by one person. This way you can easily adjust the height of the stretcher to fit what you need at that time, and you will be able to use the stretcher when there is no one around to help you. You may also want to install mortuary tables with wheels, so you can move them around as you need.

  • Dressing table. You will need a table that is perfect for prep time. You will need one that is easy to sanitize and is strong enough to be put through constant use. If your facility is on the smaller side, you could even opt for a folding table that takes up limited storage space but still performs the job you need. Also, try to choose one that has wheels to help you in moving the table where it is needed.

  • Embalming table. Many people who go through a funeral choose to have their loved one’s body embalmed. It is a common process that staves off the decomposition process. In order for your funeral home to properly perform this process, you will need an embalming table. The best choice is to opt for one that is easy to sanitize, able to adjust to multiple heights, has wheels for easy transport and a drain that will quickly eliminate fluid from the table. Also, if you are limited on space, there are embalming tables that fold for easy storage and can double as your dressing table.

  • Scissor lift. A scissor lift is necessary in your funeral home. It can be used to help move bodies and caskets. They can help you lift and maneuver over a thousand pounds. You can opt for two different types. The first one can be controlled automatically, or you could choose a manual hydraulic scissor lift. They are both capable of performing the job at hand. The choice is entirely up to you and what makes more sense for your business.

  • Coffins/ caskets. A good percentage of your clientele is going to want a coffin or casket to bury their loved one in. You will need to have more than a few options available to choose from if you want to keep them happy. It would be a great plus for your business to offer many different colors and styles for your customers to choose from. You may also want to purchase some urns to give your customers who choose cremation some options for their loved ones.

  • Mortuary Cooler and Mortuary Storage Racks 


Establishing a funeral home will take a lot of work and require you to purchase a lot of equipment. It may take a while to get everything in place for your business. However, death care is one of the largest growing industries in today’s world. If you put in all the necessary work and prepare yourself thoroughly, your business should become successful in no time.



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