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Quilted Cot Cover in American Patriotic Pattern

Quilted Cot Cover in American Patriotic Pattern

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Our American Patriotic Cot Cover is designed to honor military veterans as well as public servants at the time of need. As a reversible cover, the American Patriotic can be used either with the standard black fabric side showing or flipped to display the patriotic lining to pay tribute to a devoted individual.

Because the United States Flag Code (4 U.S. Code § 8 - Respect for flag)  prohibits using an actual flag as "apparel, drapery, or bedding" our version is made with fewer stars and stripes to resemble the U.S. flag without desecrating the very emblem that those you are wishing to honor fought to preserve.  We have also used super-strong FluidBlocker fabric for the stripes and thicker white nylon to craft the stars so that the lining will stand up to years of use and will outlast the fabric top of this cover.



- 100% waterproof FluidBlocker lining, keeps the top fabric dry and daily clean-up with spray and wipe. 

- SnugFit Drawstring at one end to pull the cover tight to the cot and keep it out of the wheels.

- VersaPocket at one end for gloves, paperwork and other small equipment.

- CleanEdge binding at lower edge to keep the cover clean as you roll it into and out of the removal vehicle

- Matching, lined pillowcase that fits a standard bed pillow that you provide. Lined with FluidBlocker.

- Easy to clean. We recommend spray and wipe for daily clean-up. 

- All covers are washer and dryer safe. Of course, for best results, dry clean.

Standard size mortuary cot covers are designed to fit regular cots, like our own Multi-Level Cot FS1-S500, or the Ferno 23, 24, 27 and the Junkin MC-100A. Standard will also fit the 24-MiniMaxx. Sized just over 79 inches long, 23 inches wide and 11 inches deep, our covers are larger than the standard hi-luster & corduroy covers that were popular for years.


If you need a longer cover or one that's larger all over, please choose the OVERSIZED option. Oversized covers are designed to fit the Ferno 24-Maxx and the Junkin MC-100A-OS. The Oversized cover is generously sized at 80 inches long, 26 inches wide and 13 inches deep. That allows more than 7 inches extra width across the widest part of your clients.



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