Why Use a Mortuary Cooler?

Why Use a Mortuary Cooler?

Whether you are a new or existing funeral home, mortuary, or crematory, we at American Mortuary Coolers & Equipment can provide all your funeral needs and equipment. From first responder equipment to cooler equipment and prep room tables, we’ve got you covered. 

A mortuary cooler is a fundamental piece of mortuary equipment that is not only used in mortuaries, but also funeral homes and crematoriums. Mortuary coolers have become quite popular over the last few years as they are beneficial and convenient.

Why Use a Mortuary Cooler

Here are several reasons why you should use a mortuary cooler.

  • To Preserve the Body
  • Mortuary coolers act as a body fridge as they are used to preserve bodies in a cooler temperature. The coolers slow the decomposition rate on the deceased by providing a consistent cool temperature that freezes the body.

  • Store the Body
  • The mortuary coolers can also be used for the storage of bodies. The bodies can be stored in the coolers while not being worked on or while awaiting the funeral. Unidentified bodies are stored in coolers as they wait to be identified to ensure they remain identifiable. Bodies that are involved in an investigation can also be stored in these coolers while the investigation continues.

  • The Units Are Eco-Friendly
  • Mortuary coolers are more eco-friendly in comparison to embalming. Embalming requires the use of chemicals to preserve the body, which can be costly and toxic to the environment, while mortuary coolers freeze the body to prevent the process of decomposition from happening immediately until the corpse is buried.

  • They Are More Affordable
  • Mortuary coolers are more affordable in comparison to other body preservation methods such as embalming. Embalming requires the use of expensive chemical preservatives, while the cooler only uses a bit of power. These coolers are also very durable and enable you to choose the temperature at which to store the deceased.

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    Mortuary coolers have many uses and offer a variety of benefits. However, the coolers can take up space, especially if you have small rooms. Still, you can get a custom cooler made at American Mortuary Coolers & Equipment to manage space better, giving the specific dimensions you want the cooler made in.

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